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Enhance Your Hands and Improve Your Golf Swing

It appears as though numerous golf players are unaware of the significance the hands play in the execution of the golf swing. Obviously, we know that the hands grip the golf club and connect the body to the club. But what is the value of them during the swing?

The answer has to do with releasing of the club. Let's go back and do a quick golf biomechanics evaluate. Throughout the swing, from address position to follow-through, the hands are active in a passive kind of manner.

The objective of the golf swing is to move the club on the proper swing plane to induce the designated golf shot that you want. These positions are discovered within the various phases of the golf swing.

The stages of the swing are address, take-away, backswing, shift, downswing, effect, and follow-through. During all these motions the body is carrying out, the golf club is being moved upon a swing airplane. The swing airplane is the course upon which the golf club is to travel. Proper impact with the golf ball requires the golf club's traveling upon the correct swing airplane. You can find further information about footjoy golf clothing and shirts @

In order for the club to travel on the appropriate swing airplane it is essential for the clubface to open and close. Frequently, in golf terms the opening and closing, of the clubface is called "releasing of the club." This is where the hands end up being an important part of the golf swing.

If you speak with practically any teacher, they will say that any excellent player has "fantastic hands." This statement refers to precisely what was described above (the releasing of the club properly). It's obvious if you take a look at players such as Tiger, Phil, or Vijay.

I even keep in mind walking the course at Doral in Miami with top-5 teaching trainer, Rick Smith. One point he remained to go back to in regards to discussing the golf swing was "hands." He mentioned more than as soon as how any PGA Tour gamer has excellent hands. This simply offers extra support for how crucial the hands remain in regards to the golf swing.

Well, we know the hands are included in the "opening and closing" of the clubface during your swing. As I mentioned, the hands are "active in your golf swing, but in a passive way.".

Once more, to open and close the clubface during the golf swing the hands return throughout the backswing, hinge at the top of the backswing, return the club to square at impact, and release the club later on. In order for this to occur the hands have to be passive!

What do I suggest by passive?

You cannot require the hands to move through the golf swing and release the club. This produces stress in the golf swing, influences tempo, and, overall, leads to poor shots. If you do not believe me, go to the driving variety, grip a club as difficult as you can, and attempt to swing. The results will be much less than optimal.

I believe Dean Reinmuth, ranked by Golf Digest as a top-30 teaching pro, puts it best when speaking about the hands in the golf swing. He discusses "feel" as an integral part of the golf swing. He mentions that in order to have an effective golf swing you must be "stress free.".

"Feeling" the club proceed the swing plane is an indicator of being "tension totally free." And in order to have this feeling, your hands should be unwinded (i.e. passive).

How do you establish good hands in your golf swing?

Easier said than done. In order to establish "feel" in the golf swing, remove "stress" from your golf swing and establish fantastic hands, you must develop three basics.

Essential primary is an understanding of the golf swing. In order to understand what the body and golf club are to do throughout the swing you have to understand the biomechanics of the golf swing. If you do not, how are you going to understand exactly what the body and club are to be doing during each phase of the golf swing?

Secondly, you must establish the mechanics of the golf swing. Your body and mind have to integrate the motions of the golf swing into a repeatable movement. This happens through proper instruction and practice of the proper golf swing mechanics.

Your body must have the versatility, stamina, endurance, and power to carry out the golf swing properly. If the body is inflexible, weak, and helpless, how are you going to be able to perform the mechanics of the swing correctly?